Yale-NUS Economics Capstone Presentations

5 April 2017 (Wed), 1:00pm - 5:00pm
At Saga Lecture Theatre 1

The inaugural class of Yale-NUS College will be presenting their final year capstone projects to their professors and peers.

Chia Teck Yuke: Retirement Expectations of Singaporeans

Shermaine Chia Wenyi: Does Public Transport Affect Private Residential Property Prices in Singapore? Evidence from the Thomson-East Coast Line

Erika Terrones-Shibuya: The Effect of Cigarette Tax on Tobacco and Liquor Consumption in Singapore

Herbin Koh Puay Teck: Impacts of Oil Price Shock on Philippine and Indonesian Stock Indices

Spandana Bhattacharya: Labor Supply and Welfare Effects of Widowhood in Indonesia

Rakesh Prabhakaran: Does Shafeeq have to Pay to Marry Wei Shan? An Empirical Study on Race Premiums and Ethnic Capital in Inter-Ethnic Marriages in Singapore

Samuel Lum Xin De: The Financial Sensitivity of Clean Energy to UN COP Conferences, Oil Prices, High Technology Firms and Interest Rates

Manas Punhani: The Malaise of the Malays: The Effect of Race on Callbacks in Singapore

Seah En De Linus: Fertility, Female Labor Force Participation, and the Singaporean Economy