The Centre for International and Professional Experience (CIPE) at Yale-NUS offers internship opportunities for the most prominent and varied places: finance sector, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), public sector, consulting firms, etc. You can find details on all these opportunities here.

FAQs about Internships in Economics


Chua Yao Hui

What I did in the Summer of 2014: Quantitative Analyst Intern at Millward Brown

“I had the opportunity to work on market research data from various fields, such as the hospitality industry and the medical sector. It was a fulfilling experience as my supervisors progressively trusted me with larger responsibilities. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to liaise with both internal and external clients. At one point, I had to conduct a corporate social responsibility (CSR) workshop for the entire office!”

Rakesh Prabhakaran

What I did in the summer of 2015: Internship at the Singapore Exchange (SGX)

“One memorable moment was when I found out that much of the research I had been doing was being distributed through weekly newsletters. I also did presentations on fintech startups and structured products which SGX will be building on. Not much more can be said because of compliance issues.”

Shermaine Chia

What I did in the summer of 2014: Summer Analyst at Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX) and Shujog, Singapore

“My experience at Asia IIX and Shujog opened my eyes to the possibilities of impact investing that empower social enterprises to achieve their potential. Organising the Impact Forum was the most memorable experience for me, as investors, entrepreneurs and intermediaries from across the globe convened in Singapore and Paris to discuss ways to deepen and accelerate social finance.”

What I did in the summer of 2015: FX Strategy Summer Analyst at Macquarie Bank, Singapore; Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Fortman Cline Capital Markets, Manila

“Financial markets were exceptionally volatile during my three-month stint at Macquarie and I was fortunate enough to learn about the effects of the Greek crisis, China’s stock market meltdown, the commodity glut and the El Niño etc. on the FX market. It was an exciting period as talks on the impending fed rate liftoff continued against the tumultuous backdrop. Shortly after, I flew to Manila to join Fortman Cline Capital Markets. Interning abroad has been an incredible experience thus far and I have learnt so much more than I could have ever imagined over this summer.”

Chia Teck Yuke

What I did in the summer of 2014: Internship at Green Marine Capital and Albizia Capital

“Green Marine Capital is a private equity firm investing in the maritime and cleantech sectors. The most memorable moment is when a live deal that I was working on, a USD$5 million strategic investment in Corvus Energy, was approved by the investment committee and subsequently closed. It was very satisfying to see our hard work paid off, and to know that the company is currently doing well for the portfolio.” “Albizia Capital is a long-only equity fund manager specialising in ASEAN consumer stocks. I initially joined the company during the 2013 winter break to initiate macroeconomic research for the launch of their second fund, and subsequently returned a few times over the next year to assist with the actual launch. I am very happy to see the fund launch successfully and am honoured to have had the chance to influence the second fund’s investment focus since the very beginning.”

What I did in the summer of 2015: Internship at Golden Equator Capital

“Golden Equator Capital is an asset and wealth management firm that has over US$160 million in assets under management, spread across a few funds. Whilst there, I worked with the venture capital and private equity teams to source and evaluate deals. Similar to my previous internship, I was fortunate to be heavily involved in a few of the deals that closed. But beyond that, I especially enjoyed the camaraderie and friendship within the team, which manifests in the weekly team exercises (sprint and calisthenics) and futsal sessions.”

Herbin Koh Puay Teck

What I did in the summer of 2015: Investment Banking Internship in the Philippines

“I handled two live deals and completed the pitch books from scratch during my time there. Also, getting to learn more about the unique culture and cuisines in the Philippines is something I really enjoyed. More memorably, I was thrilled to start a small sporting culture in the firm itself, where we played soccer on the weekends during my time there and everyone enjoyed it. The culture has since continued after I left.”

Spandana Bhattacharya

What I did in the summer of 2014: Intern at Leap Philanthropy

“Working at Leap Philanthropy, a Singapore based grant-maker, gave me an insight into the venture philanthropy industry in Asia. Over the course of my internship, I worked to create the Annual Report which involved working directly with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors of the organization. This gave me the opportunity to work closely with our grantee organization and learn more about macro and micro issues – from on the ground challenges and obstacles to success, to the price of drip irrigation systems in different rural districts of Cambodia. Research was an essential part of my internship and I got to deeply engage with some of the new developments in the social sector. I worked to conduct a review of the impact measurement tools that are becoming increasingly popular with non-profits and investors alike. The previous alien and faintly daunting acronyms like IRIS, PULSE, GIIRS and SROI started to make a lot more sense. In conjunction, I also researched the current development issues, opportunities and challenges of Myanmar and Cambodia and looked at how other grant-making organizations operating in different spheres measure impact and evaluate grantee pitches.”

What I did in the summer of 2015: Research and Analysis Intern- Center for Microfinance at Institute for Financial and Management Research (IFMR)

“Over the summer, I worked on a randomized controlled experiment at IFMR, a think-tank which researches access to financial services for low-income individuals in collaboration with the MIT based Poverty Action Lab. Funded by the Ford Foundation and University of California—Irvine’s Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion, my project focused on finance and tested the impact of various inexpensive tools on increasing access to formal financial institutions and altering savings behavior. While analyzing the data from the field, I enjoyed the thrill of being the first person to uncover the impact of our experiment. The most exciting moment came when I found that a simple and inexpensive lockbox has the ability to significantly increase the savings of a household.”

Shermin Chan

What I did in the summer of 2015: Interned at GLG and attended the South America Business Forum

“As a business development intern at GLG, I supported various sales projects. In August, I represented Singapore at the South America Business Forum in Argentina.”

Erika Terrones-Shibuya

What I did in the summer of 2014: Intern at UNIQLO Singapore

“I spent seven weeks in Singapore then three weeks living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I would say the three weeks in Dhaka were the most memorable, having not been there prior to the internship.”