Study Abroad

The Centre for International and Professional Experience (CIPE) at Yale-NUS is building a number of relationships and can help facilitate your applications. Check the list of options has CIPE has available. Students have visited many places including but not limited to:

FAQs about Study Abroad in Economics

Spandana Bhattacharya

What I did in the summer of 2014: Semester Abroad at Yale, New Haven (2015 Spring Semester)

“My favorite class at Yale was Econometrics and Data Analysis II where we were armed with the tools needed to carry out econometric analysis. It was especially challenging since I took this advanced level class without taking any basic econometrics course before. One of the best moments in the semester was when I successfully replicated the analysis of a widely cited randomized controlled experiment, for a class project.”

Herbin Koh Puay Teck

What I did in the summer of 2014: I went to Paris to study film and cinema

“The most memorable moments, while studying abroad, were learning about the French New Wave and being physically in Paris, witnessing the scenes that were shot in person. Aside from films, I had the opportunity to explore other parts of France, like when we visited the cinématique museums in Lyon. I’ll always remember how fashion, dining etiquette and café is such a huge part of life to Parisians.”

Shermin Chan

What I did in the summer of 2014: With the Santander Bank scholarship, I studied in Argentina

“I backpacked across 5 countries in South America and studied Spanish at the University of Buenos Aires with the sponsorship and support of Santander Bank and CIPE.”